Welcome to the Alkatraz Studio homepage!!

Alkatraz Studio is a one man army that consists only of yours truly, Alexey Parfenov (rus: Алексей Парфёнов). I'm a software programmer from Russia. On this website you can find my projects that are decent enough to show them to a general audience. Mostly, these projects are multimedia and system applications and libraries.

The theme of this website is inspired by ZX Spectrum and TR-DOS.

To save you some eye damage the ZX Spectrum fonts are used by default only in the menus. You can also change the fonts in the Settings. The speccy font was found here.

The site can be operated using a keyboard only, but the browser window needs to be in focus (e. g. you may need to click inside the window for a keyboard to work). The site can also be comfortably viewed without JavaScript enabled or in text-only browsers.

If you want to contact me regarding any of my projects then consider the following:

  • If the project is no longer maintained (i.e. archived) then forget about it.
  • If you want to file an issue or make a suggestion regarding an active project, then use the appropriate issue tracker on the project's homepage, or use a corresponding forum if applicable.
  • If none of the above applies then as a last resort you may contact me via email: [click to reveal].

All content on this site (text and images) is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0. The source code for the site is here.