Dizzy Quest Editor

Dizzy Quest Editor (DQE) is an advanced all-in-one Dizzy-style 2D adventure game development environment.

Main features:

  • Integrated developement environment lets you edit objects, dialogs, music and other stuff within one application.
  • Very simple and intuitive interface will not scare beginners in game-making. DQE supports drag&drop, so you can easily design your levels/screens by simply dragging objects from the Object Inspector to the game screen.
  • The Editor brings the most of 2D graphics (alpha-channel, anti-aliasing, blending) and sound (reverberation, echo, etc.).
  • Delphi-based scripting system allows you to achieve almost anything since it lets you control every single aspect of your game: objects, sounds, etc. For example, you can script dialogs to make them non-linear.

Visit the DQE homepage to get more information, techinical data and screenshots.

General view
Scripts editor
Quest Player