GPU Fan Meister

GPU Fan Meister lets you control your video card fan speed using a curve, a script or a set of predefined rules. With GPU Fan Meister you can describe a graph of fan speed versus temperature, set your own algorithm for calculating the required speed or set up one of the preset modes of operation.

This application itself does not support any video cards, but the support can be added via plugins. And that's the main point. The functionality of GPU Fan Meister can be extended via scripts and custom functions from plugins. Read more about the scripting capabilities and custom functions in the documentation. The process of adding plugins is also documented.

Currently, a plugin for NVIDIA video card is bundled with GPU Fan Meister. Read about this plugin here.

The application uses QML for its GUI, however the GUI is only loaded when its needed, so memory consumption is kept at minimum.

The documentation is also available offline. It's accesible via the application's tray context menu.

Note: GPU Fan Meister is only available for Linux with X Window System. Also, you may need to install Python 3 and libnotify package for this application to work (but these are usually come preinstalled in any mainstream Linux distro).

"Curve" mode
"Fan toggle" mode
"Script" mode
Options screen