Rhapsodie is a folder-based music player for Maemo. It lets you navigate through the filesystem and play all files in a particular folder and subfolders.

Main features:

  • plays music from folders and subfolders
  • playback gap between tracks is minimal (but it's not gapless)
  • it can play all audio formats, which are supported by gstreamer plugins installed; it detects not only supported MIMEs, but also all supported file extensions as well
  • 10 bands equalizer with presets
  • unzip may be used to play compressed module music files such as *.xmz, *.s3z, etc.
  • file/folder search
  • skins and language files support

Due to Phonon and/or GStreamer being buggy as hell (on Maemo), one may experience some glitches when equalizer is enabled.

Also, note that the app is available in extras-testing, so you must add/enable this repository to install this package. Use one-click installer provided below. QR code
or click here.

Main screen
Options window
Main screen using a different skin